White Collar Criminal Defense

Steve Dichter heads the Firms’ white-collar and investigations practices in both our Arizona and Nevada offices. The practice is typical of the white collar practices headed by former Department of Justice lawyers. It is spread across Federal, State Attorney General, and County Attorney jurisdictional boundaries, mostly concerns allegations of fraud, and is split between trying to talk the government out of indictments before they are returned and representing people who were unsuccessful in talking the government out of indicting them before they come to our Firm.

Steve Dichter is listed in Best Lawyers in America for both White Collar Criminal Defense and for Commercial Litigation and, as a result, the Firm is also well-equipped to handle the parallel private civil litigation, Governmental sponsored civil racketeering litigation, Securities Division or SEC enforcement proceedings and licensure proceedings that are often fellow travelers of criminal investigations and criminal cases.

Representative Cases:

Affinity Fraud: Represented a defendant in a $560 million affinity fraud case. The defendant received only probation. In another case, we represented business owners under investigation for allegedly aiding and abetting affinity fraud. The business owners were never indicted.

  • Illegal Arms Sales: Represented a business owner under investigation for allegedly illegally exporting military hardware on the Munitions List.
  • Mortgage/Securities: Represented a licensed real estate professional under investigation for alleged mortgage fraud involving large condominium projects.
  • Racketeering: Represented business owner charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigration through alleged money laundering service. The criminal case against this business owner was dismissed and the civil case settled favorably.
  • Internet Gambling: Represented individual charged with racketeering and money laundering connected with an alleged multi-million dollar internet gaming scheme. The defendant received only a misdemeanor charge and we settled the racketeering case without involving the client’s finds.